How a Telephone Answering Service Can Change your Business

In today’s challenging economic climate many business owners cannot afford to employ someone to answer their telephone.

Unanswered calls can and do often result in missed opportunities and create a poor impression to current and potential clients.

Generally most first impressions take place during a phone call and, for this reason the way that your calls are answered is therefore a priority in how your company is portrayed.

So how do you tip the scales in your favour to ensure you never miss an important call?

Creating a positive first impression is something that all companies need to do. You and your customers need to know that their telephone calls will be handled professionally at all times.

At Easy Answering we will ensure you never miss another important business opportunity. How will we do we do that? We will provide a small team of named pa’s to your account. Train them to deal with your callers the very same way that you would wish them to if they were actually sitting in your office.

We get to know our clients better than you might expect – Because all your calls are dealt with by the same PAs, they get to know your company as well as a permanent member of your staff would.

By using Easy Answering you can extend your business hours. Improve on the customer service that that you provide to your customers. We are a permanent resource at your disposal whilst enabling you to reduce your operational costs. And most importantly we provide continuity to your business when you are unable to.

We are much more than just an answering service – As well as answering your phones in a friendly and efficient manner, Easy Answering can also provide you with a wide range of services all designed to help grow your business. Tele-Marketing, Diary Management, Office Management, Business Continuity plans, order processing, even debt chasing. Anything we can do to help your business.

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