Lone Worker Monitoring

LONE WORKER MONITORING Amongst the many responsibilities that employers have to all their employees, it could be argued that paramount is the safety of the lone worker. This applies regardless if you are a large employer or a company who only employs a small number of personnel.

Lone Worker Monitoring. How do you define a lone worker…

How do you define “Lone Worker – The HSE defines this as “someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision.”

Check out the HSE advice on Lone Worker Monitoring here…

It maybe that some of your employees work totally alone or they work out with normal working hours. Or they may work in a situation that leaves them vulnerable to verbal or worst physical abuse. Not only do you have a responsibility as an employer but there is also a moral responsibility for their safety and wellbeing.

Lone Worker Monitoring. Let us check in on your lone workers and make sure they are safe…

Here at Easy Answering we offer a most cost effective monitoring system for our clients who have employees who fall into the category of Lone Worker. We developed our service at the request for a client who on any one day has up to 15 employees out on travelling or on site in often remote and otherwise unmanned locations. It is a most cost effective method of ensuring regular contact is made and with employees whilst ensuring there are safe and well.
We will contact your employees at an agreed time and if they have not responded with in the agreed timescale, we will call them. If contact cannot be made we will then implement an escalated safety procedure.

Easy Answering offer a cost effective Lone Worker Monitoring scheme. Why not call us on 0800 092 0141 or email for a no obligation quote. We can offer this service as part of your telephone answering service or as a separate service.

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