Minimise Costs And Maximise Customer Service With A Virtual Receptionist

For any business, big or small, cutting costs without effecting service levels is important. And as the world becomes more mobile-friendly, customer needs and expectations are on the rise. Being able to meet those needs without increasing the cost to a business is more important than ever before. It is why we thought we’d share three smart ways a virtual receptionist will help you cut costs but not service levels.

1. Extended business hours and out-of-hours support

Facebook messaging, online chatbots and 24-hour call centres have set a dangerous precedent. 9 to 5 is no longer the norm. Being able to answer queries in real-time, outside of office hours is not an option. It is essential for any business. Which means greater resources and overtime costs that could take a sizeable chunk out of your bottom line. That is why having a 24-hour telephone answering service or virtual receptionist that can manage sales enquiries, handle emergency calls and take messages is important to improving customer service levels without increasing costs.

2. Increase productivity, and in turn, profitability

For many people, the hustle bustle of a busy office is enough of a distraction. Add in a phone that always needs to be answered, and all productivity goes straight out the window. A virtual receptionist not only helps your business stay organised by managing the many incoming calls, it allows employers and employees to focus on the business at hand. Together with an online Diary Management system that manages appointments, schedules and meetings in real-time, and your business will be more organised, efficient and productive than ever before.

3. No Geographical Limitations For Customers Or Employers

With a dedicated virtual receptionist or call centre, you can stay connected to customers in a professional manner – no matter where in the world you are. For small teams who prefer to work from home (which is a great way to reduce overheads), a virtual receptionist is the professional front a business needs. And for a small Scottish business, having a virtual Scottish receptionist or call centre makes all the difference

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