Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Starting a business can be a big leap from the comfort of a salaried full time-job. So, it’s important to save money wherever you can, particularly in the initial start-up phase. If you don’t have a huge amount of savings, making your operations more cost-effective is vital for a successful business.
We’ve put together some useful money saving ideas for your small business:

Local networking and social media

Networking locally is a great place to meet new business and potential clients. There are many casual and formal networking events taking place across cities and towns. Here, you can meet with business owners, form new partnerships, exchange business tips, and build trustworthy contacts. Most of these events are free or a small charge. They range from breakfast meet-ups and coffees, to organised gatherings and talks. By meeting local businesses, you can find ways to save money in your own business while generating new business.
Social networking is a great platform to advertise your business for free or a small cost. By posting regular articles or promotions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be reaching larger audiences. Then, you’ll be generating more traffic to your business, which can result in new customers. Engage with other businesses too, and they might even repost your content on their social media platforms!

Hire a Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionists are being used all over the world now, for businesses of all sizes. It’s cheaper than hiring extra staff, and you’ll never miss new enquiries, even out of office hours. At Easy Answering, we can take calls when you can’t, so you won’t miss new appointments. Many new customers don’t leave a voicemail. So, with a virtual receptionist there’s always someone there to answer. Our friendly, professional PA team will talk to your clients and customers, relaying messages arranging meetings, and taking orders. Not only will it save you money by not having to hire extra staff, it will also save you time. Then, you can concentrate your time on running your business and planning more cost saving initiatives in the work place.

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Hire an intern

Hiring an intern is a great way to save money, while helping someone get their foot in the door with their career. While hiring a less experienced person might seem like it will cost you more time, interns are more affordable to employ and provide cost cutting measures for business. They are often eager to learn, and many are straight out of university and keen to start at the bottom. You never know, they might become an asset to your business!

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Money Saving Ideas for your Small Business

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