New Year, New You: Making Your Business Go Further

If you’ve been running your small business for a while, you might now be thinking about expanding it. Whether you’re looking to expand your product range or merge with another company, the opportunities are endless. So, if you’re looking for ideas of how to grow your business, here are some that can help it become a success:

How to Grow your Business Online

Social networking isn’t just for sharing family photos and selfies. Social media platforms have a major role to play in business, whether you have an online shop or a law firm. So, to expand your business, why not get posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest? Start with posts that clearly tell people what you do. Make sure all posts are relevant to your business, and keep them friendly, but professional. And, make sure you interact with your followers if they comment or ask questions. Lastly, use images in posts wherever possible as this will stand out in a newsfeed.

Get Social Offline with Networking

With technology making it easier to communicate wherever you are in the world, good old-fashioned face-to-face socialising can often take a backseat. However, meeting up with people is a great way to discuss and generate business. So, why not attend a local business networking event and meet some other companies and individuals? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your business needs, receive small business advice, and even grab some new clients.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Running a small business can be hectic, and if the phone’s ringing continuously, you might not have time to get on with work. So, why not hire a Virtual Assistant to answer those calls for you? At Easy Answering, we offer a professional call answering service. Our friendly staff can take messages or schedule meetings, leaving you to get on with new business opportunities. And, it can often be more cost effective to hire a VA rather than a full-time member of staff. We even offer an out of hours service. Also, our services are perfect if you need to cover staff members on holiday.

Team up with Other Companies

Sometimes, teaming up with another company can be a great way to expand your small business. Whether it’s a long-term project or a one-off venture, collaborating with another company can provide plenty of benefits. You’ll have double the advertising opportunities, and you’ll expand your range of services or products to reach more customers. So, why not look at working with another business and prepare for the endless opportunities?

Whether you’re planning to expand your business locally or globally, or you’re looking to offer a new service, you might also need to expand your team. So, take a look at our call answering services and let us manage your calls, so you have more time to plan how to grow your business.

How to Grow your Business Online

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