When you are looking for a telephone answering service for your business, you want to find the best. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression when potential customers call your company.

Our phone answering service means a great first impression every time

It’s well-known that it only takes 11 seconds for people to make a judgement when they meet someone or view a property, for example. On the telephone, that time is even shorter.

If a business line rings out, constantly clicks on to answer machine mode or is answered in an unprofessional manner, your reputation will suffer.

When clients call they expect their call to be answered promptly and professionally. Most importantly, they want to be confident that their enquiry is seen as being important and will be dealt with by the most appropriate person

While you are busy doing what you do well, you need to know that the business of answering calls and diary management are in the best hands.

You need a company which is well-practised in creating a great first impression on the telephone. Welcome to Easy Answering.

Why Scottish accents are always a winner for business

The Scottish accent has a universal appeal. How else do you explain the popularity of the Scots brogue in popular culture?

From Star Trek’s Scotty to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, many of the world’s best-loved characters have spoken with a Scottish accent – or something vaguely close to it.

For a relatively small nation, our distinctive accent has travelled far and wide.

Research shows time and again that people associate a Scottish accent with friendliness, transparency and trustworthiness – essential qualities for business.

At Easy Answering, we pride ourselves on offering a professional call answering service from the heart of Scotland. For our clients based north of the border it is reassuring to hear a Scottish accent when they call a local business. Most of the other virtual phone solution companies are based down south or abroad.

For our clients further afield, hearing a well-spoken Scottish accent instantly conveys an impression of friendly professionalism. Everyone’s a winner!

Make it personal with your very own virtual administrative assistant

Another big bonus of using Easy Answering is that you can have your very own virtual assistant. This means that you can have all your calls handled and diary managed by an assistant who knows your business and how you like to work. You’ll wonder how you ever managed before.


Packages start from as low as £37 a month. Contact Easy Answering today for a free trial.

Once you have experienced our telephone answering service answering service, we know you won’t look back.