Clinic Management

A successful therapist is indeed a busy therapist – it follows, but managing a practice on top of spending time with clients can be a juggling act and a precarious one at that.

Easy Answering understands how vital it is to keep new contacts coming in and of course being available for incoming calls is essential particularly as research has shown that only 30% of people phoning a business will leave a message on an answer machine. This is often a common dilemma for people running a small practice, they can feel desperately in need of an extra pair of hands especially to answer new enquiries about their services, and yet are understandably reluctant to commit to employing another member of staff.

Easy Answering can offer you a service that will provide exactly the support and back-up you need to help maintain the business you have worked so hard to build by providing two to three assigned PAs from within their own call centre to manage your incoming calls and diary whilst you get on with your appointments.

Your calls will be answered by one of our highly trained PAs as if indeed employed by you so that your clients both current and potential will have full confidence in your service.

Our Clinic Management Service provides friendly, named PAs to:

  • Answer your calls in your company name.
  • Manage your diary and arrange appointments.
  • Familiarise themselves with your clients and their needs.
  • Liaise with other healthcare personnel.
  • Handle insurance referrals.
  • Follow-up appointments

All enquiries coming through to Easy Answering are relayed to you by email, text message or fax with any urgent messages being passed direct through to your telephone and all of this for a weekly cost starting from just £10 per week.

We are confident that by us becoming part of what you do we can support your business successfully by helping maintain a profile of ‘being there’ for patients who need to feel that level of interest and care – leaving you more time to practise what you do best with the time that you have.

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