Take That Call When Driving….. Should you Ever?

Should You Ever Take That Call If You Are Driving? The answer of course is a resounding NEVER – however tempting it may be. Taking a call while you are driving can have a big impact on you and your business. It is now against the law to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving and many companies are limiting their liability for employees using phones on the road.

If Employees Were to Take a Call When they were Driving… Are you Liable?

What if your employee takes a call whilst driving and  is caught using a hand held mobile phone when driving? Many companies are limiting their liability for employees using phones on the road. Studies have shown that speaking on the phone while driving can seriously affect your road safely, increasing your chance of having an accident by up to four times (according to one study) whether you are on a hand-held, or hands-free device. It also reduces your ability to concentrate on your caller’s enquiry and to get the right outcome from an important call.

What Is the Alternative When You Are Unable To Take That Call?

Here at Easy Answering we provide the solution so you and your team don’t need to take calls or have them go to voicemail while driving.  We  can take that call for you. With our service you can redirect every call or unanswered call to one of our virtual PAs who can calmly and professionally deal with enquiries while you are on the road. If the caller needs an appointment, or a product dispatched we can arrange this for you, and if the call is urgent we will get in touch by email or text so you can take the call when it is safe and convenient to do so.

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