Take That Call When Driving….. Should you Ever?

A Virtual PA may sound like a dream to most of us business owners, but it isn’t as far from reality as you may think. Here’s my story…

As director of a fast paced, buzzing digital marketing agency, with a young and growing team, I was becoming increasingly aware of the challenges on my diary and mailbox. As the team grew, so did the demands on my time; they needed to ask me questions, pass on phone messages and update me on how client was progressing. It was becoming unmanageable!

Similarly, our Operations Director was spending a lot of time training the team to be the front line in customer services. How someone answers the phone makes a big impact on how our customers feel about our business and services, and let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to be Jolly Jo on the end of a phone! Answering more than 50 unsolicited sales calls on our busy business line every day makes even the most patient of us feel frustrated.

Sales Calls Wasting Time & Distracting from Work

The team complained that the phone was becoming a big distraction in delivering tasks. Such was the volume of messages coming through that Important ones were being missed. I was on the road with clients 80% of the time and my diary was hectic. My evenings and weekends were becoming increasingly bogged down clearing my busy mailbox. I had to find a solution.

As a small company, hiring a dedicated receptionist just wasn’t a viable option for us. So, I started searching for a Virtual PA and was recommended a local company, Easy Answering.

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Why Virtual Assistant Companies Work

Virtual Assistant Companies like Easy Answering offer a more efficient solution to improve your customer service and are much cheaper than you may think. Here’s my top reasons for you to hire a virtual assistant with Easy Answering:

  1. The costs are much lower than you may think. Easy Answering’s lowest package, which covers our needs as a busy digital agency more than adequately, costs us only £37 per month.
  2. We have our own Virtual Assistant. She understands our business and not only makes my life easier by managing my diary for me, but saves my teams time in answering all the calls for us. She only sends in the ones that count, directly to the appropriate person.
  3. They field all sales calls for us, for free! We don’t pay for any sales calls that come through our phone lines, they simply get assessed then passed on or binned for us. Fielding unwanted sales calls was one of our biggest bugbears. It saw the team getting frustrated and letting standards slip when answering calls from companies we wanted to potentially work with. It also meant having their time wasted with cold callers from claims and PPI companies.
  4. Fully transferable local number. We have cut the costs of expensive BT phone lines by buying a local dial phone number through Easy Answering, saving us around £300 to £400 per month – far more than we pay for our virtual personal assistant! This is also great for us as we will never lose this number, even if we upscale to new offices! What’s more this line can be directed to any number we choose out of hours – I have all calls come to my mobile when the office is closed, with our company answer phone line.
  5. Our virtual administrative assistant is local. A big problem we had with most Virtual PA companies is that we are a Scottish company, and our clients expect a Scottish voice on the end of the phone. Most of the other virtual phone solution companies were based down south or abroad, which just didn’t fit with our customer expectations.

Free Trial and No Long-Term Contracts

Easy Answering has transformed our business with our very own highly trained virtual PA. They deliver low cost, personal and professional call handling solutions that really work for our small business. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Why not call us today on 0800 092 0141 or email  today and let us arrange a no obligation FREE TRIAL.

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